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night if he wishes ; he can interview the patient's relatives and secure information from the nurse in charge ; whereas the attending physician, entering a ward of thirty or forty patients, can rarely devote more than five minutes to each. It is enough to barely mention a few of the Vibramycin Acne er- rors which occur and which seem so inexcusable. A patient presented himself for examination be- lieving that he had consumption. He had been un- der the care of an outside physician, seen by an- other in consultation, and sent away to a sanata- rium for a number of months. He returned to the city, but was failing in health, and had pain in his chest. He sought admission to the hospital. On removing his clothing it was seen at once that he Vibramycin Antibiotics had Pott's disease. This, the vital point in the diag- nosis, had been overlooked ; the patient said he had never before been asked to remove his clothing for examination. A woman was sent to the hospital with a diagnosis of valvular heart disease. There was a bleeding fibroid. Her shortness of breath and weakness were so marked that a blood count was immediately made and the haemoglobin found to be 23 per cent. The heart murmurs were largely hsemic and due also to a much relaxed and flabby heart muscle. Here again the essential feature of the diagnosis had been overlooked, and digitalis Order Vibramycin might have been given for months without benefit. A little child of three had been treated for several weeks as a case of pneumonia. Examination showed an enormous left sided empyema, pushing the heart beyond the right nipple. The mother stated that the attending ph3'sician had not once turned down the bed clothes to examine the child. This little patient recovered after being Vibramycin Tablets relieved of three and one half pints of pus. Cases of this kind Buy Cheap Vibramycin are not unusual. A patient was admitted to the Vibramycin Antibiotic hospital with a diagnosis of typhoid fever. The pelvis contained about a pint of pus from an unrec- ognized appendicitis. Another was admitted with a diagnosis of acute appendicitis. A physical exam- ination revealed the fact that the patient had a large ovarian cyst, and that the acute symptoms were caused by a torsion of the pedicle. The diagnosis was confirmed at operation. I could give you many other instances, but you have enough to illustrate the point I wish to im- press upon you, the great Order Vibramycin Online value of making a cor- rect diagnosis in every case where this is possible and the building up of your reputation upon this point. You should always have the highest regard for Vibramycin Hyclate your senior, Vibramycin Syrup and remember Purchase Vibramycin Online that you arc his pupil and arc in the hospital for the purjiosc of profiting by his greater experience. If you are asked for your opinion, give it unhesitatingly, even though you know Vibramycin For Acne it differs from his. Be careful to do this modestly and unassumingly, and point out certain reasons for your diagnosis. You may be right or September 7. IS'OT ELMER: FIRST FIVE YEARS. 449 wrong. \'er}- often you will be right and your chief will learn to depend greatly upon your knowl- edge oi the case and will accept your statements without question. Therefore be careful not to per- mit his faith to be shaken. Avoid above all things the manner of too much assurance. When an at- tending physician or surgeon of a hospital turns to one of his colleagues and makes a remark about one of his internes and quietly adds, "He may be all right, but you can't teach him anything,'' it does not bid fair for the resident's future connection with the hospital service after he has completed his interneship. I have gone into a ward with the Vibramycin Suspension resi- dent in charge and heard him state witli every evi- dence of assurance that this patient was suffering from acute appendicitis and the symptoms* seemed so urgent that he had already had him prepared for immediate operation, and yet a moment's examin- ation showed that the patient was really suffering Vibramycin Indications from Vibramycin Mg retention of urine with an Buy Vibramycin Online enormously over- Vibramycin 50mg distended bladder, and that as soon as this had been relieved, every sign of pain and tenderness had dis- appeared. Therefore write it in red letters in your memory: Tlic essential point in each case is a cor- rect diagnosis, after that the treatment. And in re- gard to that, you will find it of the greatest help to follow your cases with your text-book. Go Generic Vibramycin back to vour Practice again and again to read up your cases until you Vibramycin Cost know the book by heart. If it be in the children's ward that your sick patients are. refer daily to your Pcrdiatrics. Vibramycin Doxycycline Hyclate If you have two or three operations scheduled for the following day,

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