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Of the inmates in the iiospital. by far the large majority of those found to bo diseased are among those who did not live in lunisos of jirostitution. Whether it is duo to a smaller percentage of dis- ease among the women who live in houses of prosti- tution, or whether it is due. possibly, either to thoi'- 454 BIERHOFf: Zaditor Coupon PROSTITUTION IN GEKMASV. being greater adepts at tricking the physician, or whether the methods of examination may differ in the two instances, must remain an open question. If a woman is found diseased Buy Zaditor Online upon lier admission to the Hst of prostitutes of the city of Nuremberg she is at once sent baclv to the city or district whence she came, and Eye Drops Zaditor the entire costs must be borne by that city or district. When admitted to the hospital for treatment, the women come into a large area, Cheap Zaditor the well lighted house of Buy Cheap Zaditor which is kept scrupulously clean. The examinations for gonococci are made in Order Zaditor this insti- tution at Zaditor Eye Drop first during the period of pronounced Zaditor Price dis- charge, at least once a week, and later, when the acute symptoms have somewhat subsided, twice a week. The secretion Zaditor Drops from the urethra, ducts of the Bartholinian glands, and cervix uteri are examined. Syphilis is treated Buy Zaditor Zaditor Cost by the usual method of inunc- tions. Gonorrhoea is treated at first, usually, by means of irrigations of boric acid solution. Should it prove obstinate, then a strong solution of protargol is used. The length of stay is governed by the condition of the patient. She must remain until all secretions have been free of gonococci for Purchase Zaditor at least two examinations. Payment for treatment is made by the sick benefit fund of the prostitutes, to which each must pay a weekly contribution. In the city of Nuremberg there is also a notifica- tion sent to the city magistracy by the superintend- ent of the hospital, with regard to the source of a venereal infection. This form reads as follows : NUREMBERG. under treatment in diTision for sexual diseases. to the city magis- because of states tracy of N. With regard to that had sexual in- measures against thfe spread tercourse with, name of venereal diseases. position residence age supekintkndent of the Hospital. Those prostitutes, inmates of the lock hospital, who refuse Zaditor Eye Drops to permit examiftation or treatment, may be compelled to do so, by force, if necessary. Should any one of the inmates conduct herself in an obstreperous or unseemly manner, Generic Zaditor she may be placed in solitary confinement, in a prison cell, set aside for that purpose. It is a large, well ventilated room, is lighted by a large window sufficiently high above the Zaditor Coupons fioor so that it may not be possible for one to Order Zaditor Online reach the lower rim of the window. The in- mate who is locked in the cell, however, receives the same fare as the other inmates, unless her offences be so grave that she is placed upon the extreme of punishment, a bread and water diet. Furthermore, her bed consists of a mattress placed upon the floor, and her covering is the usual blanket, or blankets. This cell serves its purpose more from the fact of its presence than because of its use, for I am told that it very rarely has an occupant. The doctor in charge told me that the inmates them- selves usually saw to it, by means of disciplinary measures which they resorted to among themselves, that none of their number Zaditor Tablets conducted herself in an unseemly manner toward those in charge. Munich. Munich, the third largest city in the German Empire, is the principal city of the kingdom of Bavaria and the seat of the royal residence. It has about 550,000 inhabitants, Alaway Or Zaditor and is the scat of the genera] command of the first Bavarian army corps. It has, therefore, the largest garrison of any Bava- rian city, and is. furthermore, the seat of a univer- sity, the technical high school, and is one of the cen- tres of artistic life in Germany, as also a great in- dustrial city. Prostitution in the city of Purchase Zaditor Online Munich is, again, only tolerated, and houses of prostitution are no longer permitted. It was stated to me thai formerly " one

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