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which renders the attempts of sanitarians almost abortive, is the inability, under the present laws, to cope with ■■ clandestine " prostitution. As stated be- fore, so long as even a small part of a woman's earn- ings is obtained by work, she cannot be classed as a ■■ public " (gcn'crbsnidssige) prostitute. I believe that all of those who have studied the problem, as it exists in Germany, will agree with me that the most potent sources of venereal infection are the " clandestine " prostitutes. Until the government of Germany Order Zestoretic can bring its members to Zestoretic Generic realize that the woman who prostitutes her body with a number of men. for money, Zestoretic Online is a prostitute, whether she de- rives her entire income or only a part of it from this trade, and until ways and means are found to place alt prostitutes under sanitary supervision, and to regard all of them as sources of danger, Zestoretic Price not only directly to the person having intercourse with them, but indirectly also to an entire comnuuiity perhaps, will it be possible materially to check the spread of venereal diseases. The control whicii is executed solely by and through the police is. I fancy, less successful in its results than would be the case if tiic sanitary part of the matter were left entirely in the hands of the health authorities, recourse being had to the jralice cmly when Buy Zestoretic the prostitutes molest or annoy the pub- lic, when they commit some Zestoretic 20 breach of the public peace or decency, or disobey the orders of the health authorities. At present, too. the frequency of the examinations is too little. Were, however, a microscopical exain- ination of the secretions frfim all the usual sources of infection made at each visit. I believe that semi- weekly examinations would fully suffice for the pre- vention of direct infection with gonorrhoea. In the matter of syphilis, too. I think Zestoretic Cost the interval between examinations during the early stages to be too short. Similarly also the course of treatment, thirty inunc- tions, cannot suffice to render the woman a safe person to permit to have coitus. Here, however, arises the question whether it will ever be possible to force a prostitute to submit to incarceration in a locked hospital Cheap Zestoretic during the entire contagious stage of a syphilis, meaning as it would her inability to earn anything for herself, or to look after any busi- ness affairs which might Zestoretic Tablets arise, and making her a burden and an expense upon the community during this Zestoretic 20 12.5 Mg entire period. The question which must be de- cided is. whether it is cheaper Lisinopril 20 to allow a source of syphilitic infection to wander about, infecting the community, or to pay Generic Zestoretic the expense of her keep and treatment during her incarceration. While the system as it exists ma^" seem in some respects to be harsh. I feel satisfied that the offi- cials seek to make it as little of a hardship to the wornen as possible. A perusal of the regulations in force in the various cities will show that they are, in the main, similar ; Purchase Zestoretic Online and while it may look as though the prostitutes' lib '"ties were greatly curtailed, a more careful reading will show that the rules are only such as would tend to preserve public order and morals, and to prevent the prostitutes from over- running the principal streets and those places or resorts in which respectable families are wont to congregate. In no instance, in any Buy Zestoretic Online city which I visited, did I notice anything which savored, in the least, of bru- Zestoretic Strengths tality or levity on the part of the examining or treating physicians. Although stern in checking any loud talk or unseemly actions, there was never any undue gruffness. Xor Avas there any action or word calculated to make the women feel their degradation. Consideration seemed to be the watch- word. On the other hand. I saw but one woman (she admitted to having been a '" public " prostitute for more than seven years) in the large number I saw examined and treated, who seemed in any way timid or abashed. In this instance it seemed to me that her fright was due chiefly to the fact that this was her first visit to the Buy Cheap Zestoretic Zestoretic 20 25 Mg hospital in that particular city. Most of them seemed to look upon the entire matter as some huge joke, and acted accordingly. While the Purchase Zestoretic police cannot, officially, enter upon any attempts at reclamation, the efforts of such societies as have this for their purpose are seconded, in every possible way, by the authorities. That these efforts bear the minimum of fruit is due only to the abandoned character of the prostitutes themselves. The authorities are only able to enforce a sojourn in a reformatory institution in the case of minors, and here also experience seems to have shown that those who want to go wrong li'i// Jo so. in spite of all attempts at reclamation or reformation. It is not within the scope of this paper to discuss the causes of ])rostitution, but it was Order Zestoretic Online the consensus that the confirmed prostitute, whether of the "" controlled " or " uncontrolled " class, finds her way into prosti- tution not through bitter necessity, nor the perfidy of man. but through an inborn tendency thereto, coupled with the desire for a wild life, .ind for

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